Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse time! Or the day I get to go home.

Today is the day of the total eclipse in North America. I get to go home. Yeah!

I came here many, many eclipses ago to observe. I was fitted with a body of the most evolved species on the planet, and after being here, that was a mistake. Humans are not evolved as they think they are.

For one, my commanders will be horrified that the self-described "most evolved" species on the Earth is really not as advanced as they think. They control most of the "stuff" on their planet, but are in danger of destroying their home. Some people are aware, but most go on with their daily life uncaring that they are contributing to a problem.

There will also be a split class on this Earth.There is a war between the "Haves" and Have-nots." Most "Haves" never want to depart with their "stuff" to just give to the "Have-nots." Some well healed "Haves" revel in their ownership of three homes, seven autos, twenty pairs of shoes, fully stocked foodstuffs, etc., while some "Have-nots" have none of the aforementioned "stuff." My gut feeling is that this class gulf might eventually result in the destruction of the most evolved species on the planet.

Their leaders are at fault, because humans are governed by humans. The traits that make humans great, will eventually be their undoing ,if left to their own devices. A few humans have risen above the rest and realize this, but they are in the minority and their pleas fall mostly on deaf ears.

But I'm going home. I will miss the beauty of this planet. I've fallen in love with the plant life, the lower species and find pleasure in each day. I have found beauty in even the mundane daily activity of the closest star crawling across the sky. My memories of the quiet cries of snow, the laughter of rain, the perfect shade of blue in the sky, the symphonies of insects, creating the basis for choruses of birds, will stay me long after I've departed.

There is hope. You have a terrific invention called LOVE! Love the things I have mentioned. HUG objects, both seen and unseen. You are the most evolved species on the planet and YOU can LOVE! LOVE is the medicine used to heal EVERYTHING! 

Forgive me if this is a rambling note, for I have just received my orders this morning. Forgive any grammatical errors because I have never got the nuances of all the languages here on Earth. Which, in my departing opinion, if one of the problems here on Earth. If you people spoke in the same words, as we do on my home planet, you could solve a lot of your problems. Language is your invention, and your savior, but also could be your undoing.

I might be back- but I doubt that. I have many other planets and  peoples to observe. I will sign out using my Earth name:

Frank Galpin.

Among my own people I am known as Time.

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