Friday, August 1, 2014


Whoa!  I was inspired! A few nights ago I had a rough night of slumber- or rather lack of it. About 9 AM I went in to “Shut my eyes for a bit” and as soon as my head hit the pillow my mind shifted in to high gear and wanted to try the food presented here.

First, I had a few sweet potatoes around. My daughter bought them for one of her projects, and then she never used them, so they are on their way out. I rode with her on her way to buy new running shoes and our topics of discussions were great food and what we had in the house, the sweet potatoes were the topic.
Maybe that was on my mind when I tried to nap- but anyway, I was inspired. I raced to the kitchen and started boiling the spuds. Here is what I did:

Two medium sized sweet potatoes, diced small and boiled with:
2 ½ cups water (just enough to cover the potatoes) 1/3 cup of Frank’s Hot Sauce in the water.
My theory was is to flavor the potatoes so they come into the recipe a little different. It WORKED! After they were cooked, they tasted spicy, but not overwhelming.  I cooked them until they were starting to get soft, but not too soft. A little crunchy on the inside.

While the potatoes cooked I diced a half a package of celery hearts. A lot! But hear me out.
I mixed ½ cup Veganaise with 2 tablespoons of organic yellow mustard. To that I added ½ tablespoon of parsley, ½ tablespoon of oregano, and ½ cup cilantro. Then I folded in the potatoes and celery.
The result was crunchy, and delish!

Part 2:
The burgers!
I wanted black bean burgers, but was out of black beans. I used a can of white Cannelli beans.
I shredded some sweet baby carrots, about 2 cups worth. Added that to the Cannelli beans and mashed away. To that I added 1/3 cup potato starch and 1/3 Bob’s gluten free pancake mix, and ¼ cup Frank’s  Hot ketchup. I mixed together and it came out thick. I fried the “burgers” in coconut oil.
So that’s my lunch! It was GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!