Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lunch: Leftover pizza.

Shirt: Dominos Pizza

I took yesterday's leftover pizza and modified it a little. I added red and white beans and a splash of mustard on the top. I stared at it, with much trepidation. I was thinking that I went too far, but I took a bite..... it tasted good! Sort of like a beans with bread kind of meal. The pizza sauce complimented the tang of the mustard- or if you're from the south, twang of the mustard. Ha! I'm definitly thinking of going this way when making my next pie- Hmmmmm how about using salsa instead of pizza sauce.... Hmmmmmm

Shirt: Shout out to my old company. I worked for Dominos for years in the distribution part. I bought this store shirt so I can work in a store for a day and see if I liked it. I bought the shirt, worked my butt off for free and loved every minute. I should have bought a store when I had the chance.

I hope that these major pizza chains, especially Dominos, mainly because I have a history there, engineer a gluten free crust- so us gluten free vegans. C'mon
Dominos- can't you guys see the millions you can make expanding your menu in that veganistic direction!

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