Monday, June 2, 2014

Lunch: Amy's Organic tofu scramble

Shirt: Old Navy record disc.

Always on the lookout to help "noobs" become full fledged vegans, I am always interested when I find a shortcut to eating healthy. I've tried the Amy's gluten free lasagna, mac n' cheese, but I was excited to try the tofu scramble I found on Saturday night.

I realize that with everyone's busy lives, it may not always be possible to cook- or if someone thinks ahead and cooks on weekends, maybe by Friday they are out of freshly cooked foods. So---- enter quick dishes such as this Amy's one. Vegan, gluten free, and 320 calories.  The caloric content is most likely on par with a homemade version.

My opinion? It was okay, and prefer homemade. But I will buy this one gain, and have it on hand for those days that totally get away from me and am searching for something to eat quickly!

I was in Old Navy and saw this shirt. I like records and DJing. End of story.

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