Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lunch: Tofu Hot "Wings!" Yum City!

Shirt: Texas Vegans!

I saw a recipe for tofu hot wings and just HAD to try it. I got it here.

Yes mine look different- I wanted to get the method down before I tried making fancy shapes. You know what? They are great! They taste just like the old hot wings, at least what I can remember! Next time though, I'll drain teh tofu a little better, slice the slices thinner for crispiness. They are really REALLY good- I think it will turn the heads of the staunchest wing lover. I'm looking for some kind of chicken leg cookie cutter, so I can make these wings the next time sort of cartoon shaped. For the "ranch" dressing, I just added some hemp milk to Veganiase. Sprinkle in some parsley and oregano! Viola!

I love the message on the shirt!

I made these Purely Elizabeth cookies last night. Nice! I recommend them to anyone who, like me, was a cookie hound.

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