Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lunch: Quickie leftover tofu/tempah scramble and Ciabatta roll with Artisana raw cashew butter and Woodstock Foods peanut butter.

Shirt: Bill Hicks RIP.


Artisana Foods

 I'm in the midst of making a green juice. Celery, spinach, kale English cucumbers and some green tea. So I kind of threw this together when I got hungry. I topped the roll with the nut butters, I LOVE them both, then some sliced pineapple, mango and blueberries.

I might take a gastric rest day tomorrow and just drink juice. I haven't decided yet.

I love Bill Hicks. A few years ago I had a hour commute. I listened to all sorts of stuff, and that's when I really became a Bill Hicks fan. Great comedian, gone too soon.

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