Friday, May 2, 2014

Lunch: Purely Elizabeth oatmeal with fruit.

Shirt: Coral Curt pink and black bowling shirt

Purely Elizabeth

Easy lunch today. I have tons of stuff to do so in my last order to Purely Elizabeth they stuck in a packet of  their oatmeal. Thank you soooooo much! It is like the Yumsville train station; yummy all the time! I love their products, their blueberry hemp cereal is a staple of mine everyday! 

Tomorrow is the juicing day. Last night I made a green juice. I juiced celery and cucumbers in the Breville, and used that juice as the liquid in the blender when I liquified kale and spinach. Then I added green tea. Yep is look gross, and tastes worse, but I had some last night and it really picked me up and gave me some energy. So what looks bad is good for you... ha ha

Whenever I choose a bowling shirt for the #shirtoftheday I always forget that most of the good printing is on the back. So for the picture, I have to semi-disrobe... ha ha! This shirt I found on Ebay in the great Bowling Shirt Buying Frenzy of 2013. Cool, cool, cool shirt.

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