Monday, May 5, 2014

Lunch: Fried tempah/mango Amy's Sonoma burger on GF Ener-G bagel.

Shirt: American Samoa

Lunch crept up on me today like an old woman wearing canvas shoes in a Kresges. I was surfing the Internet,  and reading up on how to iron on an ancient patch on a t-shirt. And of course, brushing up on sewing on buttons, I have several to sew this afternoon. I bought a vintage iron on patch a few years ago, from the 70s I belive, of a really cool Rolls Royce. So I was reading the best way to iron it on without ruining the ancient transfer.

So when my stomach started rumbling, telling me it was time to search for food, I was unprepared. I wanted pancakes. Hupt! No olive oil, or at least not enough for the recipe. So I just started cooking, I had some tempah that needed to be gone soon, and the mango in the fridge was getting long in the tooth too. I was frying up the mango and tempah and got hot coconut oil all over my pants! Youch! I hope it washes out- the pants are in the laundry now. So I'm glad I have a supply of frozen gluten free vegan veggie burgers and bagels. Not the healthiest, but good in a pinch.

So pancakes tomorrow after I shop!

I hope the Kresges reference didn't go unnoticed. Kresges turned into K-Mart.

I was reading about tropical destinations a few months ago, and American Samoa came up in a Google search. I read about the neat little island, and found this shirt for $2.99!

Enjoy the week!

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