Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lunch: Amy's organic gluten free vegan meatloaf.

Shirt: Galpin Auto Sports

As a vegan I'm always looking for way to get people to follow my path, and not veganism, but eating healthy. My thoughts are that veganism is THE healthiest way to live, but I understand that for some people it's really hard giving up "conventional" Wesstern style food. So I was in the grocery store last night and noticed that Amys added a gluten free vegan loaf to their vast array of organic.

So I was eagar to try it. I usually don't eat this way- I am weening myself away from quick packaged foods, but thought I'd give it a try to tell people who aren't vegan these types of dinners are a good jumping in point if they would want to go vegan.

The meal wasn't bad. It DID taste like meatloaf, one of my favorite foods when I was a carnivore. The potatoes were good as was the veggies. So I would recommend this to anyone! Vegan or not!

I like the Galpin dealers for their name.  Someday I'll make it out to check out my namesake.

Today I went around my yard picking dandelion greens to eat later on with some spinach. Can't wait!

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