Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lunch! Tomato pie. I  read today that a pizza is tomato sauce dough and cheese. Anything else is just a tomato pie- so while I'd call this a pizza, purists would disagree  since I left off the cheese. I made this to have leftover dough and to get a crispy crust, I'm experimenting with breakfast pizza tomorrow, so a little lunch "waste" is fine. On the pie- whatever you want to call it, I put mushrooms and olives, on half I added broccoli, basil and spinach! Yum!

While I was making it, I was listening to an old Stuff You Should Know podcast, and they said that every day Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza!

Shirt: Vegan! I like this shirt.... self explanatory.

On another subject, I have a ton of these Coca-Cola beach pants from the 70s, I blogged about them somewhere down below, but after my  almost 70 pound weight loss, I finally can fit into the largest pair. I want to create a "real" pair of pants, with belt loops and pockets and zippers so I can wear it as everyday pants.

Happy Tuesday!

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