Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lunch: Tofu-throw together scramble, mashed hominy sandwich.


I had no idea what to eat today- so I went picking. I had some tofu that I had to use up, so I just started to make a tofu scramble. In went chickpeas. In went nooch. In went paprika. In went mango! Cooked it up with a little coconut sugar and it came out fabulous. It might look burned in the pic, but it's just the sugar.  I bought some canned hominy the other day, so out that came, I mashed it and put it on slices of Ener-G rice toast. I covered the hominy with sun dried tomatoes, baby kale and baby spinach! No condiments! Yum!

Shirt:   Head over to Kristen Star's Youtube channel- link up above. She's singing 365 songs a Capella and uploads one a day. I have to hand it to her, a lot of work goes in to her videos daily. I realize the research and practice that goes on with each passing day, and I admire her spirit. Also her pets are a riot!

Yes there are two stains on that pirate shirt. They are battle scars from the tofu... and yes I have already washed them out.

We had snow up here in New England this morning. When o when is this going to be over?

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