Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lunch: Protein shake.

Shirt: Southern Culture On The Skids

I thought I would take it easy on my digestive system today. I had a small bowl of my custom mixed cereal for breakfast,had a banana mid-morning and had a Vega protein shake for lunch. I'll have some beans later and then some juices later on. I feel better when I semi-fast once in a while, and I like the choco-protein mixed with a non-dairy milk. Today I used hemp milk.

My custom mixed breakfast cereal is as follows: Sprouted cacao rice cereal, sprouted maize cereal, a generic rice Chex, Purely Elizabeth blueberry hemp cereal/granola.Then I add walnut pieces, slivered almonds and some pine nuts.Yummy!

I love listening to SCOTS, hence the shirt. I didn't see them on that tour on the shirt- but maybe someday!


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