Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lunch: Leftovers!

Shirt: Pappas Car Wash, New Braunfels, TX.

Wash Your Car!

Today- Herman's Hermits had a song out in the late 1960s, titled "Henry the 8th." The thing I remember about the tune is that the singer shouts: "Second verse, same as the first!" So that seems fit to describe today's lunch. Same as yesterday.

 I have two printers, BOTH need work. One needs ink and the other has a software issue, so I spent the morning fixing. So I was glad to have a quickie lunch. Those are yesterday's pancakes, smothered, I mean smothered with fruit. I bought some frozen fruit and mixed it with fresh fruit of the same. May seem like a lot of food, but my later meals are usually some kind of small salad, of some such. Something to get my greens in for the day.

I found the shirt on Ebay- I LOOOOOVE Corvettes, so this shirt spoke to me. I think I was doing an Ebay search for something Texas-y and this popped up. It might be an employee shirt? That's a question.

I am still riding the stationary bike at least two hours a day, but I never seem to leave my house. Ha ha ha! With hope, I'll make my leg muscles stronger, so my knee operation will go like the breeze. I still don't have an operation date... not a day of the month, not something that includes dinner and a movie.

I have been listening to Merel von Hoek a lot lately. This song is so beautiful it makes me cry. I wish she had more songs recorded.

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