Friday, April 4, 2014

Lunch: Leftovers! I think the most important thing with leftovers is to make them different so I don't get bored. Sound good? I could feed someone leftovers for three nights in a row and they wouldn't know it. The soup I made a few days ago was spiced up with some hot sauce and lemon juice. Then I added some sun dried tomatoes and some  different spices to last night's potato salad. Now that I have cleaned out my fridge, I've made room for some vegan gluten free breakfast fruit pizza first thing tomorrow morning. 

I was going to make it today- but i ran out of homemade cashew milk this morning, ran out of my lemon juice, AND my watermelon juice all at the same time, so the pizza got put on hold.

Shirt: Piranha Records   I love the little fish! I still have a LOT of shirts to go, so I won't duplicate my shirt a day for a while!

Until tomorrow---

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