Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lunch (late): Pasta and salad.

Shirt: Stiff records! Their logo was "World's most flexible record company."

So- I started on a small adventure today, was only supposed to take and hour, and it ended up taking all day. Sometimes, eating healthy is difficult. I usually bring food if I know I'm going to be out a long while, today I did not. So half way through my adventure, I had to duck inside a grocery store and buy something to eat. I bought granola and bananas. *Sigh* Sometimes I wish the world was different, and we had healthier choices on every street corner instead of the crap that is sold by that big yellow "M" arches and that meaty King. I don't even think their salads are all that great. So here I am, finally eating my lunch- I'll have to call it Lupper... lunch/supper!

It's Spring in the Northeastern United States! Yeah!

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