Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunch: Homemade (yeah!) mac n' cheez Amy's Sonoma burger on Ener-G  toast.

Shirt: Arcadia Florida

I finally got around to making mac n' cheez and kind of had to "wing it." I didn't have any cauliflower or white beans to put in it, so I added chick peas. Yes I really REALLY have to go shopping. I made enough for a few meals because I plan on being busy this week and it's great to just have a leftover to go to. I added broccoli to it too, yum! And you might see spinach sticking out from the sandwich-  as you know I like my greens.

I've never been to Arcadia, but someday.... it seems like a cool little town.

That's all for meatless Mondays- but being a vegan- every Monday is meatless.

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