Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lunch: Gluten free vegan pancakes... with a twist piled high with fruit!

Shirt: Keep Austin Weird.

Sometimes ya just can't win. :) I had a hankerin for some flapjacks, so I started making them in my still torn apart kitchen. I ran out of Bob's gluten free pancake mix. So I added a little brown rice flower. Using my usual organic pumpkin flavor-er (!) this time for liquid I used some hemp milk. I kept adding, mixing , adding until I got the batter just right, and fr extra measure, I threw in some Vega chocolate protein power.

As the kids say--- Ya Gno  (like Gnu) it came out okay. The individual flappers were a little tought o figure out when to flip them, but I didn't burn anything! I piled them high with bananas, strawberries and blueberries. On top of the pile, almond crumbs were sprinkled, so yes, there are two pancakes under that pile.

I like to be weird. The back of that shirt says this:



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