Friday, April 11, 2014

Funny things happen on the way to good intentions. But first:

Lunch: Amy's mac 'n cheese (gluten and dairy free!) Amy's Sonoma burger (Ditto!) on Ener-G white rice loaf (Double ditto!) and leftover salad.

Shirt: Dr Seuss bike jersey.

I really, REALLY need to cook. I am kind of busy, so I made some "fast food" today. I have the bread and Amy's gluten free products on hand for emergencies, I do like cooking my own mac-n;-cheez and baking my own bread. Ah well, maybe tonight I'll make some mac. I have a sweet potato just itching to be cut up and give itself up to the goodness that is mac n' cheez!

The shirt? The good intentions mentioned earlier. A few years ago, I had all the good intentions of getting fit, losing weight and riding my bike a LOT! My schedule was great- every third week I had 5 days off in a row, and then a split Wed.-Thurs off- so I had lots of free time. I had a bike, so I went out and bought a whole bunch of bike specific clothing.  I like the Green Eggs and Ham book, so I got that one, even though I'm a vegan and neither appeals to me. So anyway----- none of the jerseys fit me that great- I was too big so I tucked them away to gather dust, while I went on to even gain more weight and not have time to ride.

But! Since I started losing weight late last spring, and dropping 70 pounds- I found my old jerseys fit now! So I've been pedaling around on my stationary bike, well around my bedroom, and not around, just in one spot. But I'm so happy to finally wear my jerseys. Today I got off the bike and made lunch, not even thinking I still had on my jersey! Ha ha!

Signing out on a Friday-

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