Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today is International Waffle Day! I made French Toast. French Toast day isn't until November 28, so I can't wait until then.

The theory behind my French Toast recipe is the thick slices. I remember eating French toast at a ritzy diner once and I was impressed with the thick, tasty slices. So my goal was to recreate that experience.

The recipe? Oh, no- that's a secret.... I'm working on a cookbook, so it will be saved for that later. All I will say is I added Daiya Swiss slices to one and hot sauce... it was good. The slice directly next to the "cheese" slice was baked for 5 minutes, the other just fried like other French toast.

Anyway it was fixed, fried, or baked it came out perfect! I first made home baked bread- using a Bob's red Mill mix- gluten free and vegan. So the whole project is gluten free and vegan! I am going to experiment with bread mixes... just to try and get a more "finished" bread. But this is good- and recipe book quality. I used organic pumpkin to sub the eggs in the mix, the bread was good the way it is.

The shirt of the is from Megan Elizabeth. http://meganelizabeth.com/ very comfy shirt.

I am also making a spreadsheet to track my shirts for the day so I don't repeat them for at least 70 days.

Happy Breakfasting! 

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