Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today I started feeling more like a 14 year old--- I've resorted to taking my lunch selfies in the bathroom. Better lighting, better background, etc. Hmmmm maybe these crazy teens are on to something. I should just make a photo place, somewhere I can take my lunch/shirt pics and maybe go to that place when I'm stressed...  "Don't talk to me.. I'm at my shirt place..." I could tell people. Ha ha!

Today's shirt is from  Love them! Not only are they close to me here in Connecticut, but their shirts are just so comfy. I fine myself wearing this one a LOT! Plus I get all the stares and questions about making vegan food. And the challenges.... which gave birth to me French Toast experiments, I'm finishing those off today.

 I was wearing this one a few months ago, and trying to formulate the perfect vegan French Toast in my head in a grocery store when a guy challenged me to try and come up with a recipe... I didn't get his name, which was a shame. But I walked next door to buy a coffee (black-no sugar) and the guy was there too, and told everyone in the shoppe (note Olde English spelling) about how "nutty" I was because  was vegan. So began the challenge! I think I aced it out of the gate.... I wish I could upload the smell and taste to this blog.

So-- that's Wednesday- March 26 2014!

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