Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pizza Day! 


I had some stuff that was on the way out- a pepper, some mushrooms, some pumpkin, so I made pizza! 

I use Bob's Red Mill, and sub pumpkin for eggs. Bad thing about today's pie is, it was my first time using my new pizza pan, and I should have cut the dough. It was good, but came out a little thick. For toppings, I had some Daiya cheese that I needed to use up, I added the shredded mozzarella, and I cut up some provolone slices. Then I fried the mushrooms and onions and added some coconut sugar to the onions to caramelize it a little. Cut up the pepper and voila- Pizza! 

Next time I'm determined to make the crust crispy. 

Shirt #1- I got this writer shirt by doing some editing work for someone a long time ago.... I don't even remember who or what it was. My pay was this shirt. It is a large, most times I wear an extra large, especially last year when I was wearing 2xx. I quietly put this shirt away when I received it, thinking I'd never be able to fit into the shirt. 63 pounds lighter, I can wear my "pay" with pride! 

Shirt #2 When I posted my lunch tweet, I noticed Galpin VW's Bugstock 2014 is on... they tweeted a pic. So I rushed and changed my shirt. I like promoting Galpin dealers in CA, mainly because of my last name.... Galpin! Someday I'll get out there and check out some of their shindigs. 

Peace and love on a Saturday.

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