Friday, March 28, 2014

Leftover Day!

Today I had to make room for my weekend projects, so I realized I had to eat through my weeks worth of experiments/projects.  So.....

Lunch: There's one of yesterday's pancakes at the bottom of that "salad." I parenthesize salad because I wanted to use the flapjack as some sort of taco/tortilla. Then the circus started. The more stuff I realized I had to get rid of, the bigger the pile got on the pancake. There's chickpeas on it, tofu stir fry from a few nights ago, lots and LOTS of fruit from a fruit wheel I bought in a moment of weakness at the grocery store. Whew! Also topping this masterpiece are Romaine lettuce, spinach and some 'long in the tooth' Daiya cheeses. Yep that's hot sauce on the top- I LOVE the taste of fruit with hot sauce. Yes I'm weird. 

Shirt: Top Chef Tee. 

And as an added Friday bonus, a dessert. For about a year I've made these almond & cashew butter "fudge" bars. Easy peasy- 1 cup of each butter, 1/2 coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, blend together and freeze for an hour or so. I keep mine in the freezer as a frozen treat.  Long about Thanksgiving I started adding 1/3 cup canned pumpkin to the mix, giving it more depth and body. Then! At the start of the year, I added 1tablespoon of cacao powder. Yum! Then one day I was in a hurry (thanks Stacy) and I wanted to have a piece of "fudge" with my avocado chocolate and whipped cream on it, but I was running late and microwaved the bar 20 seconds to thaw it out.

OMG! The two butters separate during nuking, and the taste goes to a brownie type texture. Since then, I've added more pumpkin to the mix (1/2 cup) and it is thicker, better warm, and yummyier. Ha ha.  What a accidental surprise! 

The picture comes from Jo Davidson  a very talented musician/photographer. Check out her site!

Happy Friday and keep Veganing!

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