Sunday, March 30, 2014

Growing up I always admired my maternal grandmother. She was the family's rock, always calming and comforting and always a fountain of old world wisdom. She spend half of her childhood in Hungary, moving to this country when she was ten or so, settling in to Beacon New York. I never learned what happened to her parents, whether they are buried near Beacon, or anything.

But looking back with my newly kindled interest in cooking, I reminisce about her ability to clean her refrigerator out and make soup of its contents. Anything that was about to spoil, she tossed in the soup, and it tasted mighty fine when she was done.

So she was my inspiration for today's lunch. I had some stuff that I needed to use up... TODAY... so I poured my veggie broth in a pot and commenced tossing. In went some chickpeas. Some starting-to-wilt celery. A can of organic diced tomatoes. Some leftover pasta from the other night. I threw in some red potatoes, who already could see me because they had eyes.

When it was done heating up, yes I tossed in some seasonings just for fun, I had a nice thick hearty soup- just the ticket for a cold, drizzly New England spring day. I also heated a slice of yesterday's pizza. I wished I saved a slice of bread from earlier in the week from my French Toast experiments, because croutons would have been a nice addition to see floating in the soup.

Shirt of the day is a  cool Screen Actor's Guild stunt driver strike shirt I found on Ebay. I was a driver in a previous incarnation of my life, but not a stunt driver. I saw this on Ebay some cold Winter's eve and in a moment of weakness, and giving in to my "cool" genes... bought the shirt.

So---- how can you NOT be vegan when eating something like this? Warm soup. Check. Pizza. Check. The only thing missing is my grandma's flowered apron.

I hope your day is as nice as mine is.


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