Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday! Lunch: Leftover soup from yesterday- spiced up a bit with some vegan hot sauce. Plus small pumpkin pie pancakes w/fruit!

Shirt: A promo shirt I got for volunteering at The People's Poetry Gathering at City Lore in Manhattan in 2001. Cool-

Happy Monday- last day of March!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Growing up I always admired my maternal grandmother. She was the family's rock, always calming and comforting and always a fountain of old world wisdom. She spend half of her childhood in Hungary, moving to this country when she was ten or so, settling in to Beacon New York. I never learned what happened to her parents, whether they are buried near Beacon, or anything.

But looking back with my newly kindled interest in cooking, I reminisce about her ability to clean her refrigerator out and make soup of its contents. Anything that was about to spoil, she tossed in the soup, and it tasted mighty fine when she was done.

So she was my inspiration for today's lunch. I had some stuff that I needed to use up... TODAY... so I poured my veggie broth in a pot and commenced tossing. In went some chickpeas. Some starting-to-wilt celery. A can of organic diced tomatoes. Some leftover pasta from the other night. I threw in some red potatoes, who already could see me because they had eyes.

When it was done heating up, yes I tossed in some seasonings just for fun, I had a nice thick hearty soup- just the ticket for a cold, drizzly New England spring day. I also heated a slice of yesterday's pizza. I wished I saved a slice of bread from earlier in the week from my French Toast experiments, because croutons would have been a nice addition to see floating in the soup.

Shirt of the day is a  cool Screen Actor's Guild stunt driver strike shirt I found on Ebay. I was a driver in a previous incarnation of my life, but not a stunt driver. I saw this on Ebay some cold Winter's eve and in a moment of weakness, and giving in to my "cool" genes... bought the shirt.

So---- how can you NOT be vegan when eating something like this? Warm soup. Check. Pizza. Check. The only thing missing is my grandma's flowered apron.

I hope your day is as nice as mine is.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pizza Day! 


I had some stuff that was on the way out- a pepper, some mushrooms, some pumpkin, so I made pizza! 

I use Bob's Red Mill, and sub pumpkin for eggs. Bad thing about today's pie is, it was my first time using my new pizza pan, and I should have cut the dough. It was good, but came out a little thick. For toppings, I had some Daiya cheese that I needed to use up, I added the shredded mozzarella, and I cut up some provolone slices. Then I fried the mushrooms and onions and added some coconut sugar to the onions to caramelize it a little. Cut up the pepper and voila- Pizza! 

Next time I'm determined to make the crust crispy. 

Shirt #1- I got this writer shirt by doing some editing work for someone a long time ago.... I don't even remember who or what it was. My pay was this shirt. It is a large, most times I wear an extra large, especially last year when I was wearing 2xx. I quietly put this shirt away when I received it, thinking I'd never be able to fit into the shirt. 63 pounds lighter, I can wear my "pay" with pride! 

Shirt #2 When I posted my lunch tweet, I noticed Galpin VW's Bugstock 2014 is on... they tweeted a pic. So I rushed and changed my shirt. I like promoting Galpin dealers in CA, mainly because of my last name.... Galpin! Someday I'll get out there and check out some of their shindigs. 

Peace and love on a Saturday.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Leftover Day!

Today I had to make room for my weekend projects, so I realized I had to eat through my weeks worth of experiments/projects.  So.....

Lunch: There's one of yesterday's pancakes at the bottom of that "salad." I parenthesize salad because I wanted to use the flapjack as some sort of taco/tortilla. Then the circus started. The more stuff I realized I had to get rid of, the bigger the pile got on the pancake. There's chickpeas on it, tofu stir fry from a few nights ago, lots and LOTS of fruit from a fruit wheel I bought in a moment of weakness at the grocery store. Whew! Also topping this masterpiece are Romaine lettuce, spinach and some 'long in the tooth' Daiya cheeses. Yep that's hot sauce on the top- I LOVE the taste of fruit with hot sauce. Yes I'm weird. 

Shirt: Top Chef Tee. 

And as an added Friday bonus, a dessert. For about a year I've made these almond & cashew butter "fudge" bars. Easy peasy- 1 cup of each butter, 1/2 coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, blend together and freeze for an hour or so. I keep mine in the freezer as a frozen treat.  Long about Thanksgiving I started adding 1/3 cup canned pumpkin to the mix, giving it more depth and body. Then! At the start of the year, I added 1tablespoon of cacao powder. Yum! Then one day I was in a hurry (thanks Stacy) and I wanted to have a piece of "fudge" with my avocado chocolate and whipped cream on it, but I was running late and microwaved the bar 20 seconds to thaw it out.

OMG! The two butters separate during nuking, and the taste goes to a brownie type texture. Since then, I've added more pumpkin to the mix (1/2 cup) and it is thicker, better warm, and yummyier. Ha ha.  What a accidental surprise! 

The picture comes from Jo Davidson  a very talented musician/photographer. Check out her site!

Happy Friday and keep Veganing!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I have a splitting headache today, so I opted for an easy lunch. Pumpkin pie spiced vegan/gluetn free pancakes with Amy's Sonoma burger and Daiya Provolone "cheese." The pancakes are topped with chocolate "mousse" made with a creamy avocado and unsweetened cacao powder, and topped with whipped cream made from coconut milk.

Shirt choice- It's Thursday and Portlandia night... and for you fans you'll get the cacao tie-in.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Today I started feeling more like a 14 year old--- I've resorted to taking my lunch selfies in the bathroom. Better lighting, better background, etc. Hmmmm maybe these crazy teens are on to something. I should just make a photo place, somewhere I can take my lunch/shirt pics and maybe go to that place when I'm stressed...  "Don't talk to me.. I'm at my shirt place..." I could tell people. Ha ha!

Today's shirt is from  Love them! Not only are they close to me here in Connecticut, but their shirts are just so comfy. I fine myself wearing this one a LOT! Plus I get all the stares and questions about making vegan food. And the challenges.... which gave birth to me French Toast experiments, I'm finishing those off today.

 I was wearing this one a few months ago, and trying to formulate the perfect vegan French Toast in my head in a grocery store when a guy challenged me to try and come up with a recipe... I didn't get his name, which was a shame. But I walked next door to buy a coffee (black-no sugar) and the guy was there too, and told everyone in the shoppe (note Olde English spelling) about how "nutty" I was because  was vegan. So began the challenge! I think I aced it out of the gate.... I wish I could upload the smell and taste to this blog.

So-- that's Wednesday- March 26 2014!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today is International Waffle Day! I made French Toast. French Toast day isn't until November 28, so I can't wait until then.

The theory behind my French Toast recipe is the thick slices. I remember eating French toast at a ritzy diner once and I was impressed with the thick, tasty slices. So my goal was to recreate that experience.

The recipe? Oh, no- that's a secret.... I'm working on a cookbook, so it will be saved for that later. All I will say is I added Daiya Swiss slices to one and hot sauce... it was good. The slice directly next to the "cheese" slice was baked for 5 minutes, the other just fried like other French toast.

Anyway it was fixed, fried, or baked it came out perfect! I first made home baked bread- using a Bob's red Mill mix- gluten free and vegan. So the whole project is gluten free and vegan! I am going to experiment with bread mixes... just to try and get a more "finished" bread. But this is good- and recipe book quality. I used organic pumpkin to sub the eggs in the mix, the bread was good the way it is.

The shirt of the is from Megan Elizabeth. very comfy shirt.

I am also making a spreadsheet to track my shirts for the day so I don't repeat them for at least 70 days.

Happy Breakfasting! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Can Sell 2.0 if you will.

I have reinvented myself in the past year. Due to a debilitating knee injury I have cut out meat (last May {2013}) Gluten (July) and dairy (late Sept.) Over the course of the two and a half years since the injury, I have read about how to change for the better, using diet as the biggest weapon.

You know what? It works. I haven't been able to exercise the way I would like to, but still dropped almost 70 pounds.... 70 POUNDS without really trying.

I've come to a new understanding of health, diet and fitness which I will share here on my newly rebooted blog. My sense of humor is the same, that will never change, I aim to be the Goofy Gus I have always been. But now I can do so healthfully.

The first item on the agenda is cooking. I LOVE to cook now. I will share recipes, talk endlessly about what works in diet, sharing my 2 1/2 years of research. I am trying to write a vegan gluten free breakfast cookbook, using my own dishes I invented. Fisrt up is:

Vegan gluten free sausages:

1 can chickpeas
1/2 cup gluten free rolled oats
1/4 cup rice flour
1/2 tablespoon Frank's hot Sauce
 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 tablespoon fennel seeds 3/4 cup veggie broth

I mashed everything together and formed the mix into 3" balls. I used coconut oil in a frying pan, and added the "balls" and smushed them into patties in the pan. They tasted great, but had more of a texture (due to the oil) as hash browns. But they tasted like sausage. I was going to use diced tomatoes and coconut sugar, but that's an experiment for another day.

I started tweeting my lunches daily, and as long as they hold out, I am wearing a different shirt everyday. I think I have 70 shirts, so I won't repeat for awhile. And if anyone wants to sent me one... I'll gladly wear it in my daily quest to show the world what vegans eat and that it doesn't all look like salad. 

Thanks for reading. And I will touch on other things... and drone on and on about my love for Mercedes-Benz and Corvette cars, and new music I've discovered.

Comments are always welcome:

~~~ Frank~~~