Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~~~Baby needs a new pair of pants~~~

I finally bought a pair. Yep I did. In these uncertain economic times I spent cash frivolously on a pair of pants that I might not wear. I had a pair of these when I was a kid:

I only paid 25 bucks for them, but I've wanted a pair for a long time. My brother was working on my car at his dealership a few months ago and mentioned that he had seen a clip of an old NASCAR race and one of the racing car's pit crews were wearing these Coke pants. I'm going to freak him out and wear them into his dealership soon, when it gets a little warmer outside, as they are very light cotton and I don't want my legs turning blue.

Also I think they would be a great prop costume in a movie. I'm writing/wrote some emotional short film scripts, and if I ever get someone to finance/direct/sponsor/read one of them, these pants would make a great statement in one of them. I try and balance sad emotional stuff with sight gags that are absurdly ridiculous, so in that vain, these are perfect.

~~~~~And in a footnote- I got a note from the Ebay seller and she had a pair of these with the writing in French and offered the pair to me cheap. So now I have a cool French pair to strut around Paris (Or Montreal) in.


soapy t said...

hot stuff. and well worth $25

Anonymous said...

too cool. don't remember these.

Janice Okoh said...

they're amazing