Sunday, January 25, 2009

A bird in the hand makes a mess....

Has anyone read this article about the trial in Nigeria where a goat was put on trial for stealing a car. Supposedly, while being apprehended, one of the suspects turned his back on police and used black magic to turn into a goat. The goat was put on trial and paraded in front of the jury.

So I was thinking I should get some business cards made up and buy two dozen canaries. The cards would read something like I was a purveyor of black magic. I could then go on a crime spree and leave a canary and a card at every crime scene and the cops would think that I turned myself into the canary. Ha ha ha!

In other news, see the new Dunkin' Donuts logo?
It reminds me of a goofy alien face:

I wonder where she works and I'll bet she gets a lot of tips.

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Janice Okoh said...

Yes, my mate sent me the article.

I'm originally from there so am not shocked at all.

Love it! So much creative fodder!