Thursday, December 25, 2008


I worked last night- I have to be at work a little after midnight tonight, so my Christmas has been spent watching TV and sleeping. Exciting life I lead.

BUT! In conversing with my brother this past week we were reminiscing about the cars our dad had while we were growing up and the subject of our Jeep was broached.

We had a '64. Funny it was the favorite car of both of us. And both my brother and I have never even owned one- they made these Jeeps up until 1991 too.

My second favorite car my dad owned, and maybe even tied with the Jeep for my favorite is the '65 VW bus we had.
The VW love must have stayed with me, because this is my latest ride:

Yes, this is at my brother's car dealership- I bought the car from him.

Hope everyone's Christmas was better than mine!

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soapy t said...

the jeep wagon is my most favorite car ever. and my families first camper was a vw bus with the pop top. good times. good times.