Friday, December 26, 2008


I bought and downloaded this album a few months ago- and with that came a CD sent to me. I finally got around to listening to it in its entirety on the way to work early this morning, and let me tell you:

In my 51 years, I've heard plenty, but the way this guy mashed familiar rock standards with some rap is amazing. It's titled Feed The Animals by A guy who calls himself Girl Talk. Go figure!

Another amazing record is this one:

Just for the historical content alone.

Buy both, you won't be sorry.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I worked last night- I have to be at work a little after midnight tonight, so my Christmas has been spent watching TV and sleeping. Exciting life I lead.

BUT! In conversing with my brother this past week we were reminiscing about the cars our dad had while we were growing up and the subject of our Jeep was broached.

We had a '64. Funny it was the favorite car of both of us. And both my brother and I have never even owned one- they made these Jeeps up until 1991 too.

My second favorite car my dad owned, and maybe even tied with the Jeep for my favorite is the '65 VW bus we had.
The VW love must have stayed with me, because this is my latest ride:

Yes, this is at my brother's car dealership- I bought the car from him.

Hope everyone's Christmas was better than mine!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I can't age.

I took this quiz last year and nothing has changed in a year.. I'm still 25 in New York.

My New York age is "25"

This New York age puts you-generally speaking-into the young category. That's what you were hoping for, right? Run and tell your friends. Then get drunk (as usual). Then sleep it off. Then pop an Adderall. Then come back and consider experimenting with a more mature type of New York life (just once in a while). Have you ever been to the Village Vanguard or the Living Theatre? Eaten at Elaine's? Taken a date to Michael Feinstein? Before you laugh, check 'em out and see what old-school NYC experiences you can add to the new.

What's your New York age? Take the Time Out New York quiz and find out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My buddy===

I saw an old friend yesterday. I stop on the Massachusetts Turnpike quite often at the Sturbridge rest area. In the men’s room there is this tile. I first saw this tile about 3 years ago. Do you see anything?


How about now?

I named him Harry, because he looks like a Harry and because I’m harried when I stop to use the facilities.

It’s almost like looking at cloud formations. Maybe.