Tuesday, June 17, 2008

-Time in a bottle- which is better than time in a brothel

There is always something to be said for time- or rather lack of it- maybe mismanagement?

My job gives me 5 days in a row off every three weeks. I’m on the last day of it and haven’t yet accomplished anything I set out to do.

My list of things to do:

Finish the two short films scripts I’ve been working on for like a year.

Start a short story for submission to a literary anthology. I have notes etc. I have to get down to the mechanics of working on it.

Re-watch some movies: Little Children, Donnie Darko, Gray Matters. I loved these when I first watched them, but I was looking over my DVD collection and pulled out these three to re-watch.

Edit and comment on a friend’s short story. She is stuck- and asked me to offer suggestions to help her finish it.

Ride my bike! Although the weather hasn’t co-operated this 5 day.

Go into the City (New York) for a day- I read about an exhibit at the Guggenheim, but now I even forgot what it was, or why I was interested in it.

---- Nap---

So what have I squandered my time on?

Reading about what a great man Tim Russert was.

Watching DVDS of Friends, Weeds and NOT watching the above movies.

Picking my daughter up and giving her rides to her boyfriend’s house, then giving her rides home. This has been very time consuming.

Wasting time online- sometimes I wish I never even had Internet access. I downloaded some really cool stuff from I-Tunes, Aimee Mann’s new record is awesome. Found some old 70s type stuff from my teens years-

Reading blogs- I read at least 50 every day so far, and try and comment on each one. Maybe thi8s isn’t a time waster, ‘cause it’s kind of fun.

So- I think I have to take some stock and not let myself get derailed in three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Frank, you need to begin a little thing called time management and scheduling.

This is all that is keeping me on task and sane this week.


LBluca77 said...

I always find when I have things to do and the time to do it, I always end up procrastinating. When I have no time to do things I feel like I get so much done.

You are right though reading blogs is time consuming, but also fun. I mean what else would I do all day at work?