Thursday, June 26, 2008



I made the word up, and this past week I’ve been sneaking it into my everyday conversation. – Yes by the way, I’m weird.

9 Out of 10 people let it go by- maybe they think that they are dumb and don’t know the word and will look it up later, So 1 out of 10 people have the guts to admit that they might not know everything.

What does garaticulating mean? I looked up some roots:

Gara is a Spanish newspaper. So garaticulating might take on an adjective form…. Putting something in the newspaper.

“After she broke up with him, threatened the movie start with garaticulatin about their affair.”

Gara is also a village in India. It might be a happy place to live, I’d like to think that, so the villagers might garaticulate, and the present participle would be garaticulating. The word might denote gaieties and fun:

“The children, all hopped up on birthday cake, were garaticulating around the pool, making my mother very nervous.”

BUT! The coolest use of my made up word is it kind of sounds like a band from the 70s. I Photoshopped what their record labels might have looked like. Check out the songwriters (the names under the song titles):

Their first hit! It was culled from their album;

Make Way For Us”

Hit number 2! It went to number 1!!!

So on the success of the first two, the band pressured their record label into issuing their third hit on a custom printed label- but the art department screwed up the colors, and it was hard to read… ultimately leading to dissention among band members and the band’s breakup. The band members now are 50-year-old bloggers and professional Reminiscers, an honored, but highly underpaid job of telling stories from the past for money. It looked awful:

Ha ha!


Princess Loretta said...

I tihnk I am going to start making up words and throwing them around to see who notices.

Jennifer Neal said...


Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

I try to make up words but I usually end up just abbreviating things.

Like substituting "profesh" for "professional" and whatnot.

It's annoying to most of my friends.

I just get lazy.


I think it's cool you have a blog on blogger now.