Friday, June 27, 2008

Driving my life away-

As the saying goes:

Life is a highway, and if it is, I feel like I’m at mile marker 114 out of a 150 mile journey.

I’m at the point in my trip where a person starts feeling a little antsy, a bit cooped up. I’m a little nervous about my final destination, and it seems as if I have passed all of the really neat rest stops. Now all I have to do is enjoy the scenery (and it’s GREAT!) and drive on to my destination.

Thursday, June 26, 2008



I made the word up, and this past week I’ve been sneaking it into my everyday conversation. – Yes by the way, I’m weird.

9 Out of 10 people let it go by- maybe they think that they are dumb and don’t know the word and will look it up later, So 1 out of 10 people have the guts to admit that they might not know everything.

What does garaticulating mean? I looked up some roots:

Gara is a Spanish newspaper. So garaticulating might take on an adjective form…. Putting something in the newspaper.

“After she broke up with him, threatened the movie start with garaticulatin about their affair.”

Gara is also a village in India. It might be a happy place to live, I’d like to think that, so the villagers might garaticulate, and the present participle would be garaticulating. The word might denote gaieties and fun:

“The children, all hopped up on birthday cake, were garaticulating around the pool, making my mother very nervous.”

BUT! The coolest use of my made up word is it kind of sounds like a band from the 70s. I Photoshopped what their record labels might have looked like. Check out the songwriters (the names under the song titles):

Their first hit! It was culled from their album;

Make Way For Us”

Hit number 2! It went to number 1!!!

So on the success of the first two, the band pressured their record label into issuing their third hit on a custom printed label- but the art department screwed up the colors, and it was hard to read… ultimately leading to dissention among band members and the band’s breakup. The band members now are 50-year-old bloggers and professional Reminiscers, an honored, but highly underpaid job of telling stories from the past for money. It looked awful:

Ha ha!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I came across this site a few months ago and check in daily to see what they have posted. Somehow I missed this post and I found it yesterday when I was reviewing the funny stuff on the site.

Gad! I had nightmares about this woman last night. Those Hungarian ladies sure have big mouths!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

-Time in a bottle- which is better than time in a brothel

There is always something to be said for time- or rather lack of it- maybe mismanagement?

My job gives me 5 days in a row off every three weeks. I’m on the last day of it and haven’t yet accomplished anything I set out to do.

My list of things to do:

Finish the two short films scripts I’ve been working on for like a year.

Start a short story for submission to a literary anthology. I have notes etc. I have to get down to the mechanics of working on it.

Re-watch some movies: Little Children, Donnie Darko, Gray Matters. I loved these when I first watched them, but I was looking over my DVD collection and pulled out these three to re-watch.

Edit and comment on a friend’s short story. She is stuck- and asked me to offer suggestions to help her finish it.

Ride my bike! Although the weather hasn’t co-operated this 5 day.

Go into the City (New York) for a day- I read about an exhibit at the Guggenheim, but now I even forgot what it was, or why I was interested in it.

---- Nap---

So what have I squandered my time on?

Reading about what a great man Tim Russert was.

Watching DVDS of Friends, Weeds and NOT watching the above movies.

Picking my daughter up and giving her rides to her boyfriend’s house, then giving her rides home. This has been very time consuming.

Wasting time online- sometimes I wish I never even had Internet access. I downloaded some really cool stuff from I-Tunes, Aimee Mann’s new record is awesome. Found some old 70s type stuff from my teens years-

Reading blogs- I read at least 50 every day so far, and try and comment on each one. Maybe thi8s isn’t a time waster, ‘cause it’s kind of fun.

So- I think I have to take some stock and not let myself get derailed in three weeks.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


June is an important month for me. It was June of the year 1984 I gained control over my life and became sober. So- 24 years. Hah! Next year is the big year- 25 years of wishing I was drunk- yes it never goes away. I always thought it was in September, but that’s when my original divorce started, and I didn’t make this life altering decision until the next June.

A lot ha been said and written on this very site about sobriety. Not unless you have been through it, had that devil monkey nipping at your back every day you don’t understand all the nuances nuisances of living sober everyday- for everyday can be a struggle. Even after 24 years.

So with that being said- I SHOULD post tales of how I had to cope and the good times I missed out on because I know even ONE drink will do me in. That’s’ how close to the edge I’ve always been- one drink and I’d wake up three-six-nine months or even a year later and wondered what happened.

But 26 is awfully young to realize this problem. I wonder what I was thinking back then—I look at my older kids, 28 and 26 and wonder if they could make a descion like that if they saw the self-destruction I was going through.

Anyway- I thought I’d share an important anniversary in my life, and I SHOULD share some stories, but I don’t think anyone will be interested.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Church for sale---

This church is for sale near where I work in Agawam Massachusetts.

It’s right on the Connecticut border (see pic)

I think it would make a really neat place to live. Spacious, well lit are things in I look for in a abode. I’ve peered inside and one of those two ‘wings’ would make a neat artist’s space.

I thought it would be a great space for a recording studio, but there are neighbors really close on both sides and across the street, so making music at 3 in the morning is out of the question. A painter’s room? Cool. Too bad I don’t paint. But the church is so big I could rent out part of it.. to a painter. A writer? Any takers?

I’m too chicken to call and ask the price. Maybe I’d be surprised.

PS. Please excuse the small parts of my Ford Explorer that encroached into the photos. I took them from my cell phone, and I’m not that great taking photos from a phone. I’m doing this because it seems my camera had an unfortunate accident. A few weeks ago my son Tim left it on my Explorer’s rear bumper and I took off for work at 1 AM and couldn’t see it in the dark. It made it to the end of my driveway before falling off and smashing itself into a thousand digital fragments.

PS PS- My Ford Explorer is being replaced Monday with a Subaru Outback Limited. I must bid my Ford friend adieu- I love the machine, but she needs engine work, brake work and a new transmission and with 175,000 on her and only getting about 14 miles per gallon (she’s tired!) I need something a bit more reliable to drive everyday. Yesterday as I drove her home from work, I shed a tear because our nice sunny spring days together are coming to an end… it’s really stupid to get so attached to a car-

Sunday, June 1, 2008

RE: Creep Factor

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my creep factor question. Here is a short synopsis of what I’m trying to accomplish in my story.

I’m trying to tell a story of a young girl who is a prostitute and marries this older guy for trust issues, while still acting out her emotional need for sexual satisfaction from strangers. The older guy knows about what she does, but has a strong desire to help her out to overcome her problems because he has fallen in love with her. The story would open with the girl and her ‘client’ coming out from a bedroom and the husband being home and the client being befuddled by the whole arrangement; the husband knowing about what his wife does, and being fine with it. And to throw another twist into the plot, while the husband is telling the client that it is okay, another girl comes into the scene who is the girl’s lesbian lover.

You see why I titled it Trust. The husband REALLY has to trust his wife, his wife trusts him to provide guidance to her, that she hasn’t had in her life, the husband and the wife’s lover have an unspoken mutual trust agreement between them. I call the arrangement a tri-ouple. But the wife’s client also has his trust shattered, because I’ll bet men who visit prostitutes have some kind of idea of what the girl’s life might be like. Learning all this about her has his head spinning.

I guess I have to write it all out to make any sense… I want to make this a short film script… I bet I could extend it to a full length film, but I haven’t the time or ambition to do so.

So did anyone understand this at all?

I hate crocs!

A few weeks ago Karyn Bosnak posted a blog about crocs. I read all the comments and how people thought they were comfortable, so I decided to break down a buy a pair.

I didn’t know they snapped! After many attempts to get them on my feet, and almost getting a few fingers caught in the snaps, I gave up. I don’t have a clue how people get them to stay on their feet, and they look really, really uncomfortable, and I decided to return them

When I took them back to the store I bought them from the one-armed man behind the counter pointed his only straight finger to the sign above the counter that read: “NO RETURNS ON CROCS”

Now I know the real meaning behind crocodile tears.