Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of the deadliest....

I have written before about losing my mom to cancer, and two of my friends. One of them never made it out of her twenties when she was struck down by this deadly disease.

So I’ve made it a steady practice over the years to donate to The American Cancer Society. You cannot fathom what a family goes through until you are thrust into that situation. I wish I could thank the countless doctors, nurses, hospice volunteers that made my mom’s last days here on Earth a little more comfortable, and the hospice people get an extra tip of the hat because they made my mother smile and laugh when she was in severe pain the last few days of her life. I never realized until after her death, how many people it takes to keep one person alive, not only in the medical profession, but from the countless blood donors who selflessly gave of their own blood with the hope that they would be helping a fellow human being. Even to the 5 (yes count them FIVE) part time people who drove my mother to and from appointments when one of our family could not.

So Relay events come and go. I always seem to have some ‘excuse’ for not walking. But this year I’m doing something about it! I joined Loretta’s team…… here is my page.

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