Sunday, March 2, 2008

This wacky internet!

I’m going to suspend the music artist profile for one week and I’m going to write about this crazy thing we call the Internet.

The World Wide Web has brought people closer, made us friends where we probably wouldn’t have made them, and gave people access to other people that might never have happened before. What inspired me today is a piece of rubbish that fell to the floor and who was behind this idea and identity of mine.

You might be wondering what the logo is for. I wanted to start a recording label about 8 years ago and needed an identity. So I sketched up what I had in mind, scanned it into a JPEG image and found a graphic design person and told her what I wanted. It took her just tow tries to ‘read’ my mind, but I think the end design is perfect. I had business cards made up, mugs, tote bags t-shirts, I got my mileage out of my $300 investment.

My record label never took off, and yesterday I was moving some stuff around and a dirty old business card fell to the floor. I picked it up, admired the logo again and couldn’t even remember who did the logo. So I looked in my records and found out a Juliet Blackwell designed my logo.

I wondered if she ever wondered about me and what became of her design. Perhaps she has spotted it somewhere on the Internet (I use it a lot still as avatars) and been proud of her design. I can’t find out any more about her, and if I remember correctly (C’mon it was 8 years ago!) she was from the Boston area.

So here’s a little tribute to someone who’s made a huge impact on my life, from an email conversation and a JPEG attachment, and to someone I’ve never spoken to in ‘real’ life and probably never will.

I’ve also sold stories on the Internet, something that wouldn’t have been possible before, but that’s another story for another time.

Wacky thing this Internet!

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Barrie said...

I absolutely love all the interconnecting on the Internet. Great blog, BTW!