Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes I'm a car guy.. or wanna ride in my Rolls?

I’m a car guy. I have a favorite make of car, and they are quite expensive:

Yes I love Mercedes-Benzes (I own two) but my weakness is Rolls Royces. I love the style that was made from 1968-1980, these being some primes examples.

Funny most people never will even ride in one in their lifetime, yet I have driven two. The first was a ’59 when I worked in a garage, and the second I drove belonged to one of my celebrity bosses during my younger years in the 1970s. Hers was a 1973, I think, and I used it to all sorts of errands for my boss. So my love for these started.

I vowed to myself that I would own one someday, and I had the opportunity to purchase two in a package deal about 8 years ago, but I passed, and I regret it now.

Recently, my brother started a used car dealership and through trades and some stowage I did for him, I might score this one for free. Keeping my fingers crossed all the time, because this one is a 1978 Silver Wraith, the most desirable model.

The Wraith was 4 inches longer than its sibling the Silver Shadow, and had a vinyl top, which are the most obvious differences between the two cars.

A new Rolls sells for $250,000 and UP! I think even if I had that kind of cash to spend on a car, I wouldn’t buy one, I could use that kind of money to help out a lot of unfortunate people. But a used one is in my price range and why not…. I think owning one shows taste.

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AJ said...

Total hotness!!! Good luck on grabbing that toy!