Sunday, February 24, 2008

This week's artist... Kate Rusby!

This week’s artist of the week is Kate Rusby.

I have never been a folky fan, but am a longtime fan of Kate’s dating waaaaayyy back to her first solo record. I think because she is so talented and picks and writes such bright tunes to record, is why I like her music.

Unfortunately, I think her music took a nosedive after her marriage to her producer, John McCusker. It started with her record, “Little Lights.” Understandable in Kate’s defense, when her marriage began to fail, so did her recordings, and I didn’t like at all “The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly.”

But after a healing absence, she took over the reigns of her records herself, and came back with last year’s “Awkward Annie,” which I think is gold…. Kate’s back and I’m glad to be her fan again.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Is this really Karyn's dad? cool.

Anonymous said...

I kinda figured all along that you were not Karyn's dad...but since some of her "real"--not cyber friends are on her blog--you might actually be.

I personally do not think you are strange. I love you.(in a generic, general way, of coursre)

You have great comments and a good blog. Thanks for opening it up, for me to actually talk directly to you. :)