Sunday, February 24, 2008

This week's artist... Kate Rusby!

This week’s artist of the week is Kate Rusby.

I have never been a folky fan, but am a longtime fan of Kate’s dating waaaaayyy back to her first solo record. I think because she is so talented and picks and writes such bright tunes to record, is why I like her music.

Unfortunately, I think her music took a nosedive after her marriage to her producer, John McCusker. It started with her record, “Little Lights.” Understandable in Kate’s defense, when her marriage began to fail, so did her recordings, and I didn’t like at all “The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly.”

But after a healing absence, she took over the reigns of her records herself, and came back with last year’s “Awkward Annie,” which I think is gold…. Kate’s back and I’m glad to be her fan again.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weird car names----

The Mazda Laputa derivates from the book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Similarly to the Nissan Moco and the Mitsubishi Pajero, the name is fortuitously unfit for Spanish-speaking countries, since "la puta" in Spanish means literally "the whore" ("moco means "snot" or "booger" and "pajero" may be understood as "wanker").

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This week's musician is.....

This week’s artist is called Coconut Records. Nope it’s NOT a compilation; it’s the musical alter ego of actor Jason Schwartzman. You might recognize his name from “Shop girl,” “I ♥ Huckabees,” “Rushmore” amongst others. BUT! He was also the drummer for the group Phantom Planet, and their biggest claim to fame is that they recorded the theme song for the TV show ‘The OC.’

Jason has recorded throughout his acting years, and a friend convinced him to release his work in 2007. First the record was just released on I-Tunes, but now Jason has released the record on his own Young Baby records.

I like it, it’s different and I urge anyone with any kind of musical curiosity to check it out.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes I'm a car guy.. or wanna ride in my Rolls?

I’m a car guy. I have a favorite make of car, and they are quite expensive:

Yes I love Mercedes-Benzes (I own two) but my weakness is Rolls Royces. I love the style that was made from 1968-1980, these being some primes examples.

Funny most people never will even ride in one in their lifetime, yet I have driven two. The first was a ’59 when I worked in a garage, and the second I drove belonged to one of my celebrity bosses during my younger years in the 1970s. Hers was a 1973, I think, and I used it to all sorts of errands for my boss. So my love for these started.

I vowed to myself that I would own one someday, and I had the opportunity to purchase two in a package deal about 8 years ago, but I passed, and I regret it now.

Recently, my brother started a used car dealership and through trades and some stowage I did for him, I might score this one for free. Keeping my fingers crossed all the time, because this one is a 1978 Silver Wraith, the most desirable model.

The Wraith was 4 inches longer than its sibling the Silver Shadow, and had a vinyl top, which are the most obvious differences between the two cars.

A new Rolls sells for $250,000 and UP! I think even if I had that kind of cash to spend on a car, I wouldn’t buy one, I could use that kind of money to help out a lot of unfortunate people. But a used one is in my price range and why not…. I think owning one shows taste.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay, so have a happy Valentines Day, and here’s something from me to you.

My old dreams

I love old churches.

The smells, the old wood etc. are the things that pull my heart strings. My dad was a Protestant minister, and I was always getting dragged out to his buddy’s churches, and I developed a love for the old buildings. While I’m not overly religious (let’s just say I’m spiritual and not into organized religion), I still have an affection for the old buildings.

A few years ago in a quaint village near my house in Northwestern Connecticut, an old Episcopal Church came on the market for sale. I couldn’t afford to buy it, but I though it would have been really cool to have my writing office in the old church and live in part of it. Maybe someday…..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Sunday music feature!

I'm starting a NEW Sunday feature. On Sundays I'm going to spotlight musical artists that I think are great. So if you guys need some new stuff to listen to, try these artists on for size. For the initial installment of this I'm going to feature a group called Koop. I found their song "Come to Me" on a Grey's Anatomy CD. This is from their MySpace page:

Koop is Magnus Zingmark & Oscar Simonsson.
When listening to Koops music it's somehow easy to believe that it's played by a small orchestra, but in fact the music is based on samples. Thousands of small clips from records puzzled together into new songs. All the drums, strings, horn sections and choires are actually sampled! This is a very time consuming way to make music (it's one of the reasons it takes such long time to make a koop album), but it's the only way to create the surreal Koop sound. One thing though, that for sure aren't sampled, is the vocals. Many singers has blessed the Koop albums with their talent, and on Koop Islands the singers are : Yukimi Nagano, Ane Brun, Hilde Louise Asbjornsen, Rob Gallagher and Mikael Sundin. Some fine musicians has also participated on the album playing solos, percussion and bass. Those are : Mattias Ståhl, Magnus Lindgren, Karl Frid, Nils Berg, Martin Höper, Ola Bothzén, Dan Berglund and Mats Lindfors. When playing live Koop transforms into a 7-9 piece swing orchestra including one or two singers, and the main mission is to make people move their feet. The line-up may vary from time to time so if you are looking for the personel on a specific concert please dont hesitate to drop a message. Koop themselves play piano/accordion (Oscar), sampler (Magnus), and wear dresses.