Thursday, January 24, 2008

Variety Magazine ad............

I should put this ad in Variety Magazine:

~Public service announcement~

A scene from the TV show Happy Days:

“Joan, Richie, we’re very sorry but your older brother has been killed in a horrible scriptwriting accident.”

What happened to the oldest Cunningham sibling?

On the TV series Seinfeld; George mentions an older brother and Jerry states he has a sister.

Why were these people mentioned and never cast?

Actors! Actresses! Please stand up for these small uncast roles.

Befriend producers! Go to production meetings!

Make TV producers and writers aware that the viewing public is easily confused, and they might wonder:

What would Jerry’s sister and George’s brother think about them landing in jail in the final episode of Seinfeld? Could they have helped them out a little more?

Would have the oldest Cunningham sibling really loved Chachi?

You as actors must carry a responsibility to these honorably mentioned, but forgotten about roles. Today’s uncast roles are tomorrow’s Joey Tribbiani!

Call today! Email today!

Do your parts in helping uncast mentions become roles for your fellow actors.

Thank you for your support.

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