Saturday, January 5, 2008

Orange signs.. or all signs point to go!

I was thinking today and wondered who decided to make the speed limit in construction zones 45 miles per hour. Was there a study done? Why 45 MPH? Why not 40?

Did they put up crash dummies to simulate construction workers and make little old ladies drive past them at fast speeds and then gradually slow the blue tinted hair moppets down until they didn’t hit anything?

Did they convene a meeting in a board room somewhere and then throw darts at a wall with different speeds displayed and the winner was 45? Pity the poor workers if someone won the speed 80 MPH!

Or did they just sit around, order lunch, talk about golf and just pick a random speed at the last “productive” moment?

Inquiring minds want to know.

1 comment :

Moll said...

I vote for randomness in all things political. Either that or after spending millions on "inconclusive" studies they they just shrugged and said "screw it"