Sunday, January 20, 2008

My last will and testament.

I have a friend who is obsessing over what she should wear to her uncle’s funeral. Should she wear a short black dress? A long one? A black suit? So I was thinking…..

I’m going to amend my will and state in it that I want everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts to my wake and funeral, jeans and sneakers too. I will have bouncers at the door, and if people don’t meet my dress code they are not allowed in. Hey it’s my funeral, right?

It’s funny how some people will never listen to you in life, but after you are gone they respect your wishes. Why? So that’s why I want a funeral party. So in addition to the mortuary, I’m going to request a party planner as well. If I have any cash left, I’d like to have a scavenger hunt. I could have envelopes hidden all over the place with cash inside, and having people find the envelopes will be my last great fun before going on to whatever.

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Unknown said...

Those Hawaiian shirts are awesome , Frank. And I'm sure your relatives wouldn't be as sad as they will remember you by how fun of a person you were to be with, even until your last day on earth, with your desired dress code all. There could be a lot of reasons people you know try to avoid the topic. One would be, they cannot bear the thought of you leaving them.

Trudy Nearn @ GenerationsProbate