Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More words essential to witers!

I love words. Second only to books and sorry, women come in third. Maybe music first, films forth and women second? Confused? So am I. I figure with the right amount of words, knowledge of books and films I’ll get lots of beautiful women? Nope!

I’ve made up a few words. One is laryngitical. Yep it’s like laryngitis, but it modifies a pronoun. Used properly, a sentence would read;

“The laryngitical political candidate answered the question about health care reform.”

Meaning he should have kept his mouth shut! The word’s meaning is the opposite of articulate.

Another one of my favorite made up words is garaticulating. I made up this one for a character to want to know its meaning in an unpublished book I wrote years ago.

I’m stymied as to its meaning. I thought it would be a great word to describe the act of talking on the side of the highway.

“Margery and I got a ticket for garaticulating during rush hour.”

But I’m not married to its meaning. How about this meaning: checking your blog every ten seconds to see if anyone has read it? (I don’t but I know people that do.)

Jim wrote a lame story about his golf swing on his blog and garaticulated it all afternoon.”

This meaning is good: A person’s need to be in the limelight at all costs including that of their sanity.

“Britney Spears garaticulated until everyone could care less.”

My favorite word I didn’t make up is defenestrate. This word means ‘the act of throwing something or someone out a window.’ No lie, if you don’t believe me look it up.

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