Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Get yer waders out

I read today that a couple in Florida went to a clam shack to eat and found a purple pearl in one of their clams. For the expense of a $10 dinner, the pearl could be worth up to $25,000!

Since most clams come from New England area anyway and since I live here, I should take up clamming as my new hobby for 2008! Even if I don’t find that all elusive purple pearl, I could make necklaces and give them to friends. So now everyone knows what they are getting from me for Valentine’s day………….


Tracy said...

I used to work at a Six Flags park in a shop where you could fish an oyster out of a tank and get a pearl. I didn't see any purple ones. But I can tell you that those things stink stank stunk, especially when they go bad. Don't make that your new hobby. Trust me.

Moll said...

too bad I don't like clams or oysters!