Sunday, January 13, 2008

Author! Author!

So I like words. And books. Here are a few of my favorites. I’m NOT giving away any plots or anything.

I love this book. This is one of those feel good stories that I like just as I like ‘chick flicks’ over action movies. I don’t quite remember how Cathy found me, but we emailed each other for a while before she told me about the two novels she had written. So I set off to find them and they are both out of print, and I turned to Ebay to purchase the books. Her first, “Wise Guys In Love” was okay, but “Bank Robbers” is GREAT! Both were optioned for scripts, but neither screenplay was ever produced. On a very nice and not to warm spring day a few years ago, I had lunch with Cathy and she told me her tale of woe and why “Bank Robbers” was never even promoted by the publisher. I’ll spare you her story, but we had a great lunch, a great walk, and I had a promise of a biking partner in Manhattan. Soon after our lunch, Cathy was in a terrible accident and can’t pedal a bike anymore, so that idea went out the window.

Oh yeah, the book. This WAS my favorite book until.. (see below). I felt badly that this book wasn’t promoted fairly, so I bought every copy I could get my hands on and sent them all over the world. I think I must have given away 200 plus copies as far away as the UK. I hope others will read the book and pressure St. Martins (or any other publisher) to re-release the book with the backing it deserves. If you want an easy feel great story, try and find one.. I still have five copies left…. Hahahahahaha.

This guy knows how to craft a short story. This is collection of shorts, that’s all he writes. While everyone was telling me to get aboard the Terry Pratchett bandwagon, I chose to read Howard instead. Besides, Pratchett’s books are all interwoven together, and from what I hear, you can read one and still understand the stories, but to get the whole picture, you must read everyone from the beginning. I’m too busy for those games. The only one I WILL read in series is Salinger. More about HIM later too.

Okay so she is NOT paying me to plug this. I bought this book last autumn, and have read it FOUR times already. This is my new favorite book, sorry Cathy. While Cathy paints a picture with her writing that tells a story, Karyn has her character make references to all times in recent pop culture. And THAT is what makes this book GREAT in my opinion. To weave all of this into a story is quite ingenious, I think. This is also a feel great book in the vain of “Bank Robbers” and chick flicks, but I love to feel the way I do when I read books such as this one and watch ‘chick flicks.’ So there!

Salinger. What can I say? I don’t have a favorite book by him, I just love his whole body of work. Did you know that every story that he wrote relates to another in some way? I recently read a short story written way after “Catcher in the Rye” and the story was told first person by a military soldier. He was grief stricken because his younger brother was MIA during a battle, and at the end of the story you find out the narrator is Holden’s older brother and Holden is the soldier MIA. He references their sister and parents living in Manhattan. But it is genius storytelling to make his whole body of work, whether it be the Caufields, or The Glass family.. point to each other in some sort of story orbit. If I was to ever take up stalking people, Mr. Salinger would be my first victim.. I’m kidding of course.

So what kind of books do YOU read and enjoy?


Di Pie said...

aww that was so nice of you to buy all of Cathy's books!

Karyn said...

So, where should I send the check???

xxxxxx Thanks!!!!!