Monday, January 28, 2008

Anyone need a driver?

I have to make money; I can’t live on my foolishness, so here’s what I do for a ‘real’ job.

Yes this is a picture of my truck. I drive a truck and deliver milk for the main portion of my money, and I write and publish stuff mostly for fun and it buys a pizza every couple of months.

I was thinking of ways to earn more money. I’ve driven professionally for over 22 years, and mostly big trucks and I worked for a major pizza chain and my routes were in New York City and Boston. So if I can drive a big truck around Manhattan, I can drive anything anywhere.

I want extra cash. I want to produce two little low budget films I wrote and was thinking I could use one of my talents to help the other by starting a custom livery service. Since I live in Connecticut, half way between Boston and New York, I could offer my car and driving expertise for people who don’t have a car, or just don’t feel like driving out of the city.

I have no clue what to charge. I love New York, and I’d chauffer people back and forth to CT, upstate NY and wherever for probably just a nice lunch and gas money….. which defeats my money making purpose, but I’ll bet I could meet a lot of interesting people this way!

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Anonymous said...

Does David Letterman need a driver? I agree that if you can drive one of those in Manhattan, you can drive one anywhere (wow).