Thursday, January 31, 2008

Agony of De Feet

Okay so I have a shoe fetish. What other heterosexual guy will admit that? But mine is for a certain brand of shoes, Chuck Taylors. No I’m not getting any money from this endorsement (although Converse, I will take some).

I own several pairs, including the ones on my tootsies down at the bottom of this page. I’ve got a rare pair from the UK only offered over there… But I’m itching to buy another pair and maybe ya’all can help me pick. These are on my wish list-

Cool aye? I have the crosswords puzzle shoes so why not these two pairs..

Too feminine? I do like the texture, sort of a knitted cap for your feet.

I’m a tye-dyed kind of guy. These would be great for the spring.

Here is a custom pair I would love to own, plus it’s an inspi(red) so if I buy these, some of the monies will go to a great cause.

I wish I can upload an image to be printed on the shoe. That would be really cool. I’d LOVE to get my record company logo on a shoe.

That would be way, way cooler. The only way that I think this can be done is to have a few tote bags printed over at and then use that material to make the custom Chucks out of. A local cobbler quoted me a price of $150 to do the job, plus the price of the tote bags and shoes. YIKES! That’s awfully steep for a custom pair of shoes.


AJ said...

Dude! I am like totally in love with you now (sorry if that sounds stalkerish)! I have been quietly reading your blog, and I came here by way of your comments on Karyn Bosnak's Pretty In The City. I just started two photo blogs today and I kid you not -- one of my first photos is of my feet in some Chucks! Imagine my surprise and delight to come here and read your Chuck Taylor post. You totally rock ... and so do those shoes!!

Anonymous said...

I like choice #3